Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blog news (How narcissistic!)

With this blog being so new and probably suffering from a dearth in readership, this post may seem kind of frivolous. As of Monday, it appears that a link on the Brooklyn Eagle website will be posted sometime next week, so that will hopefully encourage more hits and lead to increased interaction between readers of the print publication and the blog. We're also going to try to transfer the blog to the main Eagle website in the far future, although that is contingent upon an already overburdened IT department, so bear with us. I think a link and some sort of promotion in the paper would be sufficient in the near future. And comments... feel free to comment, ye who have stumbled upon this!

In any case, the prospectus for the rest of the week is as follows:

Tomorrow: BrooklynBio of Mos Def/preview of The Ecstatic (this was originally intended to be a review of the much-delayed The Ecstatic, but Mos's 11th hour perfectionism intervened...).

Friday: Weekly show calendar -- unlike last week's inaugural edition, this will include my picks for the rest of the week; preview of next week's mammoth Northside Festival (my credentials for the event are currently in limbo -- the scourge of applying late -- but I will endeavor to review at least one show regardless of what happens) and Monday's David Byrne extravaganza at Prospect Park.

Saturday: Some sort of Hillstock reactions; any miscellaneous news.

Sunday: Crate Digger; more Hillstock coverage.

Monday: David Byrne -- every hour, all day. Well, not every hour, but expect a lot.

Of course, more features are to be unveiled as we "officially" launch on the Eagle website in the near future, including round-ups of Bay Ridge's fecund -- if seldom written about -- music scene and whatever jazz is going on.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. David Byrne! Yayyyyyyyy :) Cannot wait for that.