Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekly Show Calendar: June 21st-June 27th

Caveat: Not all of the venues below have published concert schedules, but there's a fair chance that live music will be booked, especially towards the end of the week. Most bar shows and Bell House 21+; Studio B 19+ (21 to drink); all others 18+/16+ or all ages. Starred shows represent my picks.

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A relatively quiet week as the doldrums of summer take hold. Nonetheless, quality trumps quantity this week with some of the most intriguing picks of the year. Enjoy!

Venue Addresses:

Studio B: 259 Banker Street (L to Lorimer; G to Metropolitan)

Spike Hill: 184/186 Bedford Av. (L to Bedford)

Europa Night Club: 98 Meserole Av. (G to Nassau)

Coco 66: 66 Greenpoint Av. (G to Nassau)

Cameo Gallery: 93 N. 6th St. (L to Bedford)

Bruar Falls (Cake Shop Brooklyn): 245 Grand St. (L to Bedford)

Death by Audio: 49 S. 2nd St. (J/M/Z to Marcy)

Glasslands: 289 Kent Av. (L to Bedford; J/M/Z to Marcy)

MHoW: 66 N. 6th St. (L to Bedford)

Public Assembly: 70 N. 6th Street (L to Bedford)

Bell House: 149 7th St. (R to 9th Street; F/G to Smith/9th)

Issue Project Room: 232 3rd St. (R to Union)

Union Hall: 702 Union Street (R to Union)

Southpaw: 125 5th Av. (R to Union)

Union Pool: 484 Union Av. (L to Lorimer; G to Metropolitan)

Market Hotel: 1142 Myrtle Av. (J/M/Z to Myrtle Av)

Monster Island Basement: 128 River St. (J/M/Z to Marcy)

Shea Stadium: 85A Debevoise Av. (L to Graham)

Vanishing Point: TBD

Studio B:

06/25: The Glass, Stretch Armstrong, Dominique, VDRK
10 PM
Free with RSVP, $5 door

06/26: Yikes, Grum, Hostage, House of Ladosha
10 PM
$7 advance, $9 door

06/27: Trouble with Bass, Foamo, Starkey, others
10 PM

Music Hall of Williamsburg:

(*) 06/22: New York Dolls, Black Joe Lewis, Madison Square Gardeners
9 PM

Not quite the rapscallions who conquered the Mercer Arts Center in 1972 (Johnny Thunders and Arthur Kane are deceased), the ersatz Dolls -- led by crinkled David Johansen (fear not, Pointedexter loathers... he's once again emulating Jagger in the sartorial department) and second guitarist Syl Sylvain -- have garnered consistently gushing reviews in the press. Worth checking out.

(*) 06/24: Hank Williams III, Lucky Tubb
8 PM

Estranged from his redneck father, Hank III carries on his grandfather's shambolic tradition into the 21st Century with an equally syncretic sound influenced by hardcore punk and speed metal (indeed, all of his shows include two sets -- one from the country ensemble, and a sequence of songs in the noise/punk vein played under the moniker of Assjack). A pariah in the mainstream of country but beloved by his cult, don't miss this rare Brooklyn performance.

Todd P. Presents (Market Hotel, Shea Stadium, Monster Island Basement):

06/26: Kurt Vile & the Violators, Girls, Real Estate, Beach Fossils
Monster Island Basement
8:30 PM


: Shemspeed Summer Show Featuring Six Point Star, The Constant (Steven Baggs) and Diwon, Describe & Y-Love 18+ 8 PM $10

: Ever So Klever, Tristan Clopet, The Modern Airline 8 PM $8
: Asa Ransom, Spanish Prisoners, Bonne Baxter
8 PM $8

06/25: Brooklyn What, Warm Hats, Shark's Roar/Box of Crayons 18+ 8:30 PM

06/26: Appomattox, Gold and Gunmetal, Javelins, Me You Us Them
9:09 PM $10

Issue Project Room:

(*) 06/19: Phill Niblock
10 PM
$10 advance/$12 door

Evidently, the IPR is rapidly becoming the venue of choice for minimalist geezers, as this just-announced show attests. Though not as well known as Glass, Reich, List, Anderson, Chatham, or Russell, Phill Niblock was the eminince grise of the SoHo new music scene, his Experimental Intermedia Foundation loft offering a alternative venue to the more established Kitchen. Niblock's unhearlded drone compositions, often involving trombones, are quite stimulating and far better executed than those of La Monte Young, among other likeminded contemporaries. Perfect if you need to quench your thirst for extremely cerebral music tonight.

06/25: Mivos String Quartet, CNS Symphony Orchestra
8 PM

06/26: Susie Ibarra Quartet
8 PM

Union Hall:

06/25: Pattern Is Movement, Bell, Inlets
7:30 PM
$10 advance/$12 door

06/27: The Most Serene Republic
8 PM
$10 advance/$12 door

Bell House:

Via Audio, Ha Ha Tonka, The Dig
8 PM

06/23: The Legends, The Drums, Soft City, Care Bears on Fire
All Ages 7:30 PM $10

06/25: Tim Fite, Jesse Marchant
7:30 PM

(*) 06/26: The Smithereens
7:30 PM

The Smithereens are one of those lamentable bands who, despite years of Flaming Lips-esque perseverence, have never broken through. You may remember their Byrdsey "Blood and Roses", appropriated as the theme for Dangerously Close; Troma fans like myself will always hold their apperance in Class of Nuke 'Em High dear to our hearts. A bit pricey, but worth it for this influential group.

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