Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Full BEMF line-up announced

After reports surfaced that such notables as the Juan MacLean and RJD2 would be playing the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival last week, it seemed like the yearly shindig was coalescing into a major event. And while the latter artist has been dropped from the bill for unspecified reasons (either way, it doesn't augur well for future hip-hop/dance collusions...) the full bill adequately compensates for the loss by adding some of the borough's best emerging dancefloor mavens. Granted, Young Love -- who err more towards rock and are arguably best known for enlisting Terry Richardson to direct a video several years ago -- are something of a baffling choice, but Designer Drugs' patented neo-Mudd Club sound is sure to figure heavily in the post-electro haze. The indoor/outdoor event -- held at the Old American Can Factory in Gowanus -- will also feature such Studio B staples as DJ Ayres and Rosie Cottontail, and the commentators on BrooklynVegan are already speculating that LCD Soundsystem, The (long-defunct) Rapture, or even Daft Punk may be among the surprise guests. (Because of the MacLean presence, we're betting on the first... but who knows.) Tickets for the 12-hour event are priced at a reasonable $25, so it may be a worthwhile investment for the budget-conscious.

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