Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Titus Andronicus and So So Glos confirmed for new Knitting Factory

Since galvanizing the local live music cognoscenti last year with news of their impending move to Brooklyn, the proprietors of the Knitting Factory have been -- ahem -- taking their time. The Leonard Street venue has remained opened in a diminished capacity throughout the summer, and as per this report, renovations of the erstwhile Luna Lounge space have been occurring at what can best be described as a leisurely pace.

However, it seems that relief is finally in sight. Bushwick-via-Bay Ridge indie punks The So So Glos are teaming up with New Jersey rabblerousers Titus Andronicus for a September sojourn that culminates on October 15 at the new Knitting Factory. (For those who simply can't wait for this pairing of the prolific bands, the tour begins on September 2nd at Monster Island Basement in Williamsburg.) Whether this will be the premiere event at the club is unknown as of yet, but Brooklyn Music will have all the details. In any case, both of these groups are among the best currently operating in the oft-overhyped medium of indie rock, so be sure to give them a listen or two.

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  1. I like The So So Glos! They're in rotation at our rule-laden radio station.