Thursday, July 2, 2009

The "Pool Parties" are safe!

After weeks of scaremongering by alarmists, the JELLYNYC-organized Pool Parties (sponsored this year by the rarefied likes of Bud Light, Converse, and... oh yes, Cafe Bustelo) will indeed be commencing at East River State Park in Williamsburg on July 12th with a previously announced Mission of Burma/F***ed Up*/Ponytail concert. Since most of these shows have been logged on social networking tour itineraries and the like for the past two months, there were genuinely few surprises, but the Dan Deacon/Deerhunter/No Age bill will indeed be a round robin (a peculiar Baltimore-originated hipster phenomenon that involves each artist taking turns instead of playing continuous sets... seemingly ideal in the attention-addled nonlinear age, but not so perfect for an incongruous lineup that features a glorified LA punk band, some moody psychonauts from Georgia, and an artist whose shows are akin to 5 year old birthday parties). The addition of Girl Talk -- a rumored longshot, given his newfound resonance with everyone from latter-day Deadheads to Yale students and all in between -- was a pleasant surprise, as his recent hip-hop based sound will hopefully spice up a quality line-up that is, ahem, pretty milquetoasty for a town known as a bastion of diversity. Whatever your thoughts may be about this issue, the schedule is nevertheless attached here.

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  1. Hahahaha So sad about Girl Talk. I used to love him so much and now the masses love hima and I hear that shit everywhere. Used to be rare to find other fans and now... :/